Venus 38 User's Manual

Info: Project Structure

Venus handles the project structure in a way that is unlike any other skin. In most skins, the top level contains thumbnails that link to each of the folders in the project - each folder then has its own index page. Venus, on the other hand, shows the contents of each of the folders as a group of thumbnails on the top-level index page. There is, in fact, only one index page in the completed album. As a result, the project structure for a Venus album has several absolute restrictions:

As an example, the skin could be used to show a relatively small number of images from each day of a trip. Place the images in folders called Day One, Day Two, Day Three, and so on. In the resulting album, there will be an index page with a group for each day of the trip, with the thumbnails for the images corresponding to that day.

The skin is particularly well-suited to creating an "album of albums," using web locations. You could create three folders: Family Albums, Travel Albums, and Pet Albums. In the first folder, add a web location for each family album. In the second folder, add a web location for each travel album. In the third folder, add a web location for each pet album. The resulting album will show three groups of thumbnails, each of which is a link to an independent album. As with all web locations, of course, these links could point to any site on the internet, not just to your own albums.